Carrier 30xa схема

carrier 30xa схема
This allows for quick access to various, frequently viewed points, without navigating through the Main Menu structure. These time periods can be flagged to be in effect or not in effect on each day of the week. Run new cable if necessary. A short in one section of the bus can cause problems with all system elements on the bus. The override will prevent the circuit from starting up with a low oil level. If this override occurs three times, the low oil level alarm will be tripped. Hot gas bypass is available as a factory-installed option or as a field-installed accessory for 30XA080-500, and the pump package is available as factory-installed option for sizes 30XA090-162. See Fig. 14. The board is not required for single pump operation.

All passwords must consist of 4-digits, which can be entered using the numeric keypad. Override #8: Service Manual Test Override — This override mode places the unit into Service Test mode. Lead/Lag Balance Select (Lead Lag Select, LLBL) determines which chiller is the lead machine.

Value SetpointSETPOINT 19 Main Menu Main Menu SetpointSETPOINT Main Menu SetpointSETPOINT 9 10 13 maximum capacity linearly between 100% at a 4 mA input signal (no reduction) down to the user-configurable level at a 20 mA input signal. Vapor is heavier than air and reduces the amount of oxygen available for breathing. The Run Status variable, indicating the current status of the machine, will change to OFF. The Chiller Occupied? variable will change to NO. The Control Type variable will indicate Local.

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